Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Staffing prides itself on providing a specialized job placement service for professionals in the Real Estate industry.  We work with Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agents.
There are many benefits to using Real Estate Staffing as your job search partner. Not only have we completed extensive research into the real estate market in the Greater GTA and beyond. But we also have up to date and relevant knowledge as to which Real Estate companies and offices are hiring, pills cheap what their specific needs are, information pills and what they can offer as compensation for your employment. This can save you time in your search and provide you with valuable insight in your search for the right ‘fit’ for you

Here are 5  reasons why you should use a Real Estate Staffing to assist you in your job search

  1. Real Estate Staffing knows the Real Estate industry.  As a specialist recruiter in the real estate industry, our role is  to understand your industry lingo, how your particular job works and where your skills would be most suited in potential employment. Since specialist recruitment agents are so well versed in all of the technical and personal requirements for the roles you are applying for, they will be able to give an accurate evaluation of where your experience and skills would be best utilized, and also provide you with advice on how to remedy any gaps in your knowledge.
  2. Real Estate Staffing is a specialist recruitment agency and actively cultivates strong (and often exclusive) relationships with industry leading businesses: For you as a jobseeker, the means that your real estate recruitment consultant often is aware of opportunities that exist throughout many offices within the market.
  3. Real Estate Staffing can reduce the number of times your referees are contacted: Partnering with a specialist recruiter means that instead of the individual companies you apply for roles in all contacting your referees (which can become time consuming), your specialist recruiter will simply call just the once, and provide the same referral details to each of the prospective employers you apply with
  4. Real Estate Staffing agents can offer you advice based on benchmarking within the industry: Since your specialist recruitment consultant works exclusively within your chosen industry, it stands to reason that they will have an in-depth knowledge on the type of benefits you can expect from potential opportunities. They can also provide advice on what you need to do in order to secure a mutually beneficial working arrangement, your specialist recruitment consultant provides you with an edge, by handling the negotiation for you.
  5. Real Estate recruitment consultants are in constant contact with employers within your industry, which means they (and you!) will be the first ones to know if a suitable opportunity is available to you: our consultants are proactive and will regularly find out well in advance about available opportunities.

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